Wanelo Help Center

  • What if I use a third-party fulfillment service?

    Wanelo is compatible with all third-party fulfillment services. If you have any concerns or want some clarification, feel free to email us at shopify-support@wanelo.com.

  • How do I fulfill an order?

    It's important that orders are marked "Fulfilled" in your Shopify dashboard. If you use a 3rd party fulfillment service, please ensure that fulfilled orders are successfully marked "Fulfilled" in Shopify. Wanelo can only pay you for orders that our s...

  • Where do my orders show up in Shopify?

    You can see your Wanelo orders in your normal Shopify dashboard. Go to the Orders section in Shopify and type 'Wanelo' in the search box that says 'Filter orders'. You will see orders from Wanelo appear below and you can click into the order to see t...

  • What happens if I cannot fulfill an order?

    If you are unable to fulfill an order, you can refund the order 100%. Wanelo users expect their orders to be fulfilled quickly. They will often request to cancel orders that take over a week to fulfill.

  • Can I choose which of my products I want to sell on Wanelo?

    Yes! When you install the Wanelo Sales Channel on your Shopify store, all of your products will be imported to Wanelo. You can then remove products that you don't want on Wanelo by using Shopify's interface. This can be done from individual product...

  • When will my products show up on my Wanelo store page?

    After you install the Wanelo Sales Channel, your items will be imported from Shopify to your Wanelo storefront within a few hours. From there, we sync your products frequently, so any change in products, price, etc. on your store's site should be ref...

  • How do I update my product images on Wanelo?

    Wanelo imports your images directly from Shopify. Whatever your main product image is on Shopify will be your main product image on Wanelo. If you change your images on Shopify, they will update on Wanelo within a few hours Please note: Wanelo crops...

  • Are stores located outside of the U.S. allowed to sell on Wanelo?

    Not at this time. However, we do have a solution for international stores in the works that we're hoping to roll out in the near future! To get on the Wanelo International Waitlist, simply install the Wanelo Sales Channel.

  • How does sales tax work?

    Wanelo estimates the sales tax and sends the appropriate amount to the merchant. The merchant is responsible for filing all sales tax; Wanelo cannot guarantee that our tax estimates will meet all tax requirements.

  • How do shipping costs work?

    When you install the Wanelo Sales Channel you enter your shipping rates in the setup form. If you want to change your shipping rate, you can do so at merchant.wanelo.com/settings. We support two types of shipping costs for stores selling on Wanelo:...

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