I have a store. How does Wanelo work for me?

Wanelo helps your products get discovered and sold! Wanelo members are active and creative shoppers.

1. Join

First, join Wanelo as a member. Wanelo is like a catalog of products organized by people, and it's populated by people. Store pages on Wanelo are created indirectly through the activity of people. You can use your brand name as your username if you wish, but you don't have to. People like interacting with real people on Wanelo.

2. Post

Post some products from your store website. The Wanelo browser bookmarklet is the easiest way to do this. You can also post products with Wanelo for iPhone and iPad. Other options are in the works.
Once there are products from your store posted to Wanelo, check to make sure you have a store page that people can follow. Store pages are created when members post products from a new store. Stores are verified by Wanelo Admin.

Some examples of store pages:

(Sellers on marketplaces like Etsy and eBay get individual store pages on Wanelo.)

Products on store pages can be posted by any member. Products from verified stores are visible in community areas like Trending, Just Posted, hashtag pages and search results. They get a "BUY" button and a price.

There can sometimes be a delay in the creation of new store pages as we verify stores. These are the main things we look for when verifying:

  • Products are purchasable from the store online.
  • Product pages can be viewed without an account.
  • Contact information for the store, including a physical address, is visible.
  • The store has a reputation for providing good customer service and for shipping products quickly.

3. Participate

You can participate by posting compelling products, creating interesting collections and adding relevant comments (feel free to jump in and answer questions in the comments on your own products). Products can catch on fast on Wanelo, and the people who post the most popular products can gain influence. All kinds of products are welcome, but quirky, unique, well-photographed and/or topical ones typically get shared and distributed widely.

Bear in mind that Wanelo is a living community and there are no shortcuts to visibility. We like to say that the guidelines for behavior on Wanelo are not any different than the guidelines for interacting with people in the real world. The products are posted by people who genuinely just want to share them. You can post your own products, but you probably don't want to solely post your own products because people will just stop paying attention (kind of like how people do with someone who only talks about him or herself).
I should also note that Wanelo is a very tolerant and welcoming community, except when it comes to spam. Spammy behavior can get a store's presence on Wanelo shut down quick. An example of spammy behavior would be adding irrelevant hashtags to products just because those tags are popular at the moment. Don't do that :)

4. Promote 

The more followers your store has on Wanelo, the more visible your products will be. And not just the products you find the time to post. Once people discover your store and start posting products from your website, everyone following your store will see those products in their feed. Promoting your Wanelo store URL around the web can help you acquire followers.

ThinkGeek, for example, has more than 521K followers on Wanelo right now, with almost as many unique product posters as products. 
Adding Wanelo Save Buttons to the product pages on your website can also be a powerful way to gain visibility. The buttons can help more of your products get posted, and help the products of yours that are already posted gain more saves. The more saves your products receive, they more visible they'll become in community areas like Trending, search results and hashtag pages. 

And yet another thing you can do is encourage your fans to use a certain hashtag when they post or save your products on Wanelo. For example, you could tell your Facebook fans to post their favorite products of yours with a specific hashtag you come up with. The products your fans post will automatically get sorted onto a hashtag page like this one, with the most saved products at the top. You could award the poster of the most saved product from your store with a gift card, for example. Hashtags on Wanelo can be useful for contests like that.

Many more options for store owners on Wanelo are in the works right now.

5. Claim your store

If people have been posting products from your store to Wanelo, you'll have a store page that people can follow. Go ahead and claim it via the "claim this store" link on the page. This will allow you to customize your store page a bit and communicate with your store followers.

6. Post some stories

Once you've claimed your store, you can post stories for your store followers. Stories are small collections of products that you tie together with some copy and a link. They can be a good way to promote new products, offer discount codes and create interesting product-focused content for your fans. 

You can also take them and embed them on your own website or blog.

Some examples of stories:

7. Pay attention to your store's trending products

You can see which products of yours are trending on Wanelo at any given time via the Trending Products tab on your store page. 

For trending products within a store, we look at a combination of factors including when the product was posted, the number of people who have saved it recently and who's been doing the saving. 

You can also go and embed your store's top 9 trending products of the moment on your own website or blog.

8. Have fun. Please.

Forced marketing is inauthentic and obvious, and totally ineffective in environments like Wanelo. You should be able to laugh at yourself and your brand, to some degree. If you're having fun using Wanelo and sharing interesting products, users will pick up on it.

Once there are products from your store posted to Wanelo, check to make sure you have a store page that people can follow. Store pages are created when members post products from a new store. Stores are verified by Wanelo Admin.

​Got any questions? Let us know what you'd like to be able to do as a store owner on Wanelo at stores@wanelo.com.
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